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Wastewater Mart™

The US EPA and delegated state authorities regulate wastewater discharges under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program. The Wastewater Mart™ provides insights on 1000s of permitted facilities and the companies that operate them, including regulated parameters and reported violations.

The Wastewater Mart data includes information from the EPA NPDES program, the EPA Facility Registry Service (FRS), and many other state and local data sources.  Types of data we curate include Capital Plans (see A Business Developer’s Guide to Capital Improvement Plans), significant facts discussed in Meeting Minutes, valuable KPIs from Comprehensive Annual Reports and many other data types.

The data, documents, and visualizations helps engineering and consulting firms identify projects ahead of an RFP.  Construction firms to identify their ideal consulting firm partners, and utilities to benchmark against industry peers. 

The Wastewater Mart covers the entire U.S. market, with deeper data on larger organizations nationwide.  10,000s of capital projects are identified, valued at more than US $300 Billion.  Meeting minutes are captured for 100s of public water agency boards, provided in text searchable formats.  Wastewater Mart users benefit from 10,000s of hours of research, allowing marketers and salespeople to quickly and easily access the data in pre-configured dashboards.