We focus on data that matters to industrial marketing and sales. Data matters if it is relevant, and can yield actionable insights.
Our data subscriptions are organized into modular Data Marts, which can be used in a stand-alone manner, or in combination with other Data Marts. Data links are provided between the files to allow an easy plug-and-play approach within Business Intelligence (BI) tools.
Marts are delivered in a variety of customer-friendly formats. They may be purchased for 1-time use or as a subscription.


The Merger Mart™ contains announced and completed transactions, primarily mergers and acquisitions, related to North American heavy industry and utilities.
For companies serving US industry, particularly software and consulting services firms, Merger and Acquisition (M&A) events can have a tremendous impact on sales activity. This is particularly true for organizations that do strategic selling and implementing account-based marketing (ABM). M&A events can create substantial opportunities, or post significant threats, to your position in an industrial account.



ASH Mart™

The Ash Mart™ contains nearly 200 attributes for more than 300 locations, and 700 surface impoundment and landfill units, involving nearly 100 owner/operators.
The data, documents, and visualizations may be used to help you be more effective in your marketing of products and services to the US Coal industry. 
As a major owner/operator of coal power plants, you are in under the watchful gaze of regulators, NGOs, and investors interested in how you are managing your coal ash operations. The Ash Mart provides a unique benchmarking solution against your industry peers. You can anticipate how others may view you, and avoid unwelcome surprises, using Business Intelligence.
FirmoGraphs updates the Ash Mart™ regularly reflecting new data and postings. Naturally, you'll want to find your own valuable insights from this market data, and we'll help you.
ash mart


The Power Mart™ contains valuable information about US utilities and power generation sites, with insights related to ownership, operations, and regulatory domains.
The Power Mart™ currently contains over 10,000 sites for over 4,000 organizations. Insights include:
- Ownership Sheet, with accurate site location and name
- New link file and improved visualizations
- A substantial database, with 100,000s of data points provided, representing dozens of data fields available in the Business Intelligence platform.


The Water Mart™ contains valuable information about US Community Water Systems, with insights related to locations, operations, and financials.

The data, documents, and visualizations may be used to help you benchmark against your public water utility peers. You'll leverage our base data to benchmark your own performance against that of your peers. Rate case discussions with community and political stakeholders can be much smoother with excellent benchmarking data.



The US EPA and delegated state authorities regulate wastewater discharges under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program. The Wastewater Mart™ provides insights on 1000s of permitted facilities and the companies that operate them, including regulated parameters and reported violations.

wastewater mart-3


The Finance Mart™ contains financial information on 1,000s of US publicly traded companies. There are 1,000,000s of data points available on 1,000s of reported attributes. 
Insights include:

- Balance sheet and income statement KPIs

- Company performance by peer group

- HQ location by industry



The Climate Mart™ contains data related to reported GHG emissions from US companies that are subject to the EPA mandatory reporting rule.

Insights include:

- Multi-year emission trends by industry, region, and organization

- Gases and industrial processes contributing to CO2e emissions expressed as metric tonnes of CO2 equivalent gases

- Upstream oil and gas emissions by production basin and organization.




CITY Mart™

The Top 25 U.S. Cities have combined annual operating budgets exceeding 300 Billion USD, equivalent to the GDP of many countries and exceeding the revenue of most of the world’s largest private companies.

Organizations mastering the art of serving large municipalities are rewarded with high-profile, multi-year capital and operating contracts.

It is difficult, however, for even the most-sophisticated organizations to decipher municipal capital plans and operating budgets. Often, these documents are not easy reads. The largest of them are more than 2000 pages, and are loaded with codes and abbreviations describing 100s of multi-year projects. Why bother? 
You don’t want to wait for the RFP to find you.

Although most city procurement processes have high integrity, if you are hearing about a project when the RFP hits your desk, it is probably a losing proposition. Your competition planned for it and may have even helped write the specifications. To win more, you need to be better-informed.



City Mart