What You Do, and How We Support It

You provide treatment solutions, materials and equipment to help organizations reduce per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) presence and public exposure in water, wastewater, landfills, and the natural environment.

We help you in discovering new business opportunities through finding problems so that you can offer solutions to customers, as well as the newest updates, regulations, and legislations.


Market Challenges and Opportunities

Optimizing your PFAS Remediation Business

Today's drinking water and water treatment utilities face a myriad of challenges, such as protecting their customers from the exposure to the PFAS contaminants that are of concern at the part-per-trillion level. Dynamic regulatory changes include state-level mandates around PFAS sampling and exposure limits.

Knowing the sources of project funding is becoming more critical than ever. Municipal budgets shared across multiple community services are stretched more than ever. Federal awards can be vital, and you can play a part in helping your clients secure needed funds.

As an industry leader in this critical market, your work matters. We empower you with business intelligence to see what lies ahead and make smarter decisions that benefit you and your customers.

The Business Intelligence You Need

We provide dashboards containing current data, configured to your business, so you have fast accurate answers. This includes:

Regulations: We are continuously tracking the newest updates of Federal and State-Level PFAS Regulatory Developments

Operational Details: We track important federal and state-level news and legislation that related to PFAS treatment.

Funding Mechanisms: Revolving funds, grants, and other sources of capital project funding.

Real-Time Conversations: What are the hot topics related to PFAS discussed in board meetings?

Partnerships: Knowing the influencers matters, including city leaders and their strategic partners for service delivery. Our data can help prime contractors find the best subs, and visa-versa.

Why Our Approach Works

We curate data, from 100s of sources, so that your team doesn't need to.

Data includes:

  • 49,000+ U.S. water systems and service connections
  • Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule (UCMR) Analysis
  • PFAS Samples in Community Water Systems
  • PFAS Capital Projects
  • PFAS News and Drivers

You access, live, navigable data rather than static reports.

Problems You Avoid

Our customers want to avoid the pain of being surprised.

Opportunities around the water industry don't happen overnight. There are months or years of capital planning involved. If you plan ahead, you can anticipate and engage future opportunities, long ahead of receiving that dreaded cold RFP.

Our customers don't hate RFPs, they hate cold RFPs. The ones that they could have influenced, where the owner/operator did not take the best strategic approach to the market.

The only way to avoid the pain of a surprise RFP, or even worse, being left out of consideration is to have good business intelligence on the market.



Contact us for a mutual discovery of BI needs and solutions. We help you run the race just a bit faster, and sometimes, that is all you need.