What You Do, and How We Support It

You bid and build, and sometimes design heavy civil infrastructure projects.

You already know when the RFPs are on-the-street. We help you do regional market analysis, as well post-award bid analysis on specific bid events.


Market Challenges and Opportunities

Navigating the Competitive Public Bid Market

You build roads, bridges, tracks, and tunnels. Drinking water and wastewater storage, movement, and treatment facilities. Environmental remediation, earthworks, and dams. You develop and manage government agency customer relationships at the municipal, county, and federal levels. You have fostered healthy subcontractor relationships, submitted bids as the prime bidder, and even perhaps partnered with another industry power player in a joint venture, to take on a larger or more complex project.

The market is competitive and dynamic, and you are looking for every reasonable advantage. Competitive knowledge, such who is bidding and winning projects in a given market, can help give you that small edge that you need.

The Business Intelligence You Need

Public Infrastructure Bidding: What Information Matters

You invest 100s to 1000s of hours annually bidding on public infrastructure projects. We do post-bid award analysis to help you evaluate, in detail, historic reasons for winning and losing and more-importantly, how to use this data for future positioning.

Win/Loss History: You can evaluate the history of wins and losses by contractor, with multiple year look-backs in many cases. This can help inform your future bidding decisions, and whether and how to bid on a specific project.

Prime / Sub Relationships: By seeing who has bid together in the past, you can identify and evaluate potential future teaming partners.

Line Item Costs: In many cases, detailed bid line items, such as cost per yard of backfill or linear foot of electrical conduit, are available. Past line item costs, considered on a regional or client-specific basis, can inform your future pricing decisions.

Real-Time Conversations: We curate public board meeting conversations that can inform you about bid award decisions.

Why Our Approach Works

We curate data, from 100s of sources, so that your team doesn't need to.

This includes public data requests, and analysis of the resulting data, with 1000s of hours of effort involved.

You access, live, navigable data rather than static reports.

Problems You Avoid

Our customers want to optimize their public bidding decisions.

Decisions on major bid events don't happen overnight. There are months or years of capital planning involved. If you plan ahead, you can anticipate and engage future opportunities, long ahead of receiving that dreaded cold RFP.

Our customers don't hate RFPs, they hate cold RFPs. The ones that they could have influenced, where the potential client did not take the best strategic approach to the market.

Armed with specific regional data, you have the opportunity to make better bid or no bid decisions. If you decide to bid, you can optimize your chance of winning.

Market Dynamics

This market presents unique challenges and opportunities. As with most things worthwhile, mastering it is not easy. A successful approach to successful bidding in the civil infrastructure construction market requires an intelligent, patient, and strategic approach.

First, know that the sales cycle is often challenging. Existing business relationships in no way guarantee future results. In most construction bid opportunities, the low-bid rules the day. Small differences in bid line items can add up to a substantially higher number than the competition.

Next, knowing the business terrain definitely matters. The subcontractors you align with can have a substantial role in whether you win or lose. The book of business your competition is currently servicing can greatly influence how competitive they are on this next pursuit. You need to know where the potholes are on the route you are walking.

Finally, you’ll know from news headlines that budgetary needs are often not fully funded. Necessary capital investments seem to be continually delayed. Knowing what clients to bid on and when, is a strategic imperative.

Business intelligence can help you successfully navigate the challenging public bidding environment, and help you win by a hair.



Contact us for a mutual discovery of BI needs and solutions. We help you run the race just a bit faster, and sometimes, that is all you need.