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Place Mart™

The Place Mart™ is a platform that provides a comprehensive database of information on different regions and states in the United States, focusing on factors that impact tourism, urban development, and infrastructure investment. It contains data on Infrastructure, Physical and Non-physical Attractions, Community Priorities, and Visitor Flow Research and Impact, curated from hundreds of sources, including public data requests and analysis of resulting data.

The Place Mart™ aims to provide users with valuable insights and information to help them make more informed decisions about investments and development projects. The platform offers real-time, navigable data that allows users to stay up-to-date on changing market trends and conditions and adjust their strategies as needed.

The Place Mart™ can be a valuable resource for various stakeholders, including tourism officers, urban planners, and investors in infrastructure projects. By providing a comprehensive overview of the factors contributing to the appeal and accessibility of different locations, The Place Mart™ can help users identify areas where new infrastructure, such as transportation or recreation facilities, maybe most needed and likely to be well-received by local communities.