Merger MART™

The Merger Mart™ contains announced and completed transactions, primarily mergers and acquisitions, related to North American heavy industry and utilities.  Over the past several years, FirmoGraphs has curated data cover thousands of transactions valued at nearly US $5 trillion, across 16 industrial and utility sectors.  

For companies serving the US utility and industrial markets, particularly software and consulting services firms, Merger and Acquisition (M&A) events can have a tremendous impact on sales activity. This is particularly true for organizations that do strategic selling and implementing account-based marketing (ABM).  M&A events can create substantial opportunities, or post significant threats, to your position in an industrial account.

From an opportunity perspective, M&A can bring additional industrial operations, expanding your addressable market in that account. It may dislodge an incumbent competitor and create an opportunity for you that wouldn’t have otherwise existed.  On the other hand, the reciprocal maybe true. Major M&A activity can slow-down existing opportunities to a standstill while the customer re-configures corporate services, and executives jockey for position in the new organization.

It’s up to you, as a business leader, to know what sort of M&A activities are upcoming in your key accounts to that you can maximize the opportunity or mitigate the threat.  The Merger Mart helps proactive business leaders identify opportunities and mitigate competitive threats for both existing and new customers.