Bid Mart

Bid Mart™

Nobody likes cold Request for Proposals (RFPs). By the time you are alerted, it’s too late to do meaningful research.

The BidMart™ breaks-down bid events, bids, primes, subs, and line items. We work with our clients to help them gain deeper insight into their top public agency customers.

With the Bid Mart, you can see:

  1. Win / Loss history, by prime or sub
  2. Awards compared to the owner engineer estimates and other bidders
  3. Prime / Sub relationships
  4. Awarded line time costs
  5. Visualization of this data in customizable charts and graphs

10,000s of pages of documents from 100s of public agencies in a single visualization, ready for you to use. We do the hard work so you can access the insights without the hassle.