What You Do, and How We Support It

You build smart, resilient city infrastructure.

We help you talk to municipal leaders at the right time, so that you can shape the opportunity.


Market Challenges and Opportunities

Challenging and Dynamic Times for Major Cities

Your business serves major cities, focused on improving communities through better infrastructure.

U.S. cities are dynamic environments, with civic leaders addressing:

  • Access to clean drinking water
  • Modernizing transportation
  • Adapting to severe weather and climate change
  • De-carbonizing energy sources
  • Engaging and serving the entire population, including disenfranchised constituents

Cities have faced physical challenges such as aging municipal infrastructure, and civic concerns like increasing populations suffering homelessness. On top of these 'regular' challenges, there is COVID-19, imposing unprecidented challenges to public safety and governmental budgets.

As an leading service provider to major cities, you make a difference. But U.S. municipalities are rapidly evolving, and to position your business optimally, you need more market intelligence now than ever before.

We empower you with business intelligence to see what lies ahead and make smarter decisions that benefit both you and your customers.

The Business Intelligence You Need

U.S. Municipal Markets: What Information Matters

Operational Details: We track important operating parameters for authorities running water, wastewater, transit, and power systems.

Real-Time Conversations: You get access to the hot topics being discussed in board meetings, from COVID funding responses to sheltering the unhoused to vehicle electrification.

Capital Improvement Plans: CIPs are used by public organizations to forecast 3 - 8 year capital costs, funding, and timing for large projects. We carefully review 100,000s of pages of CIPs from large municipal governments and transit authorities, curating data on 10,000s of municipal projects.

Initiatives and Committments: City leadership committments, ranging from Smart Cities to the Vision Zero pursuit of zero traffic deaths to reporting under the Carbon Disclosure Project, inform vendor-partners about city leadership goals. Multi-year strategic and community development plans map overall directions.

Partnerships: Knowing the infuencers matters, including city leaders and their strategic partners for service delivery. Our data can help prime contractors find the best subs, and visa-versa.

Why Our Approach Works

We curate data, from 100s of sources, so that your team doesn't need to.

You access, live, navigable data rather than static reports.

Problems You Avoid

Our customers want to avoid the pain of being surprised.

Our customers don't hate RFPs, they hate cold RFPs. The ones that they could have influenced, where the municipal customer did not include them, and take the best strategic approach to the market.

The only way to avoid the pain of a surprise RFP, or even worse, being left out of consideration is to have good business intelligence on the market. We help you avoid this problem, with business intelligence, enabling you to engage the customer early and often as a trusted advisor.

Market Dynamics

Whether it is San Francisco or Chicago...Houston or Seattle...large U.S. cities present awesome opportunities for national and local consulting, construction, and technology organizations. That is, if you can learn to navigate the decision-making structures, the bid notification and contract award processes, and be involved early enough to have a solid strategy.

First, the opportunity in large municipal markets is substantial. The top 100 U.S. cities, including their associated transit and water authorities, have capital budgets exceeding $500 Billion. If you crack the code, mutli-year relationships are common.

Next, large cities are complex machines of interlocking organizations with different levels of influence and approval. Although some may stay the course for many years, priorities can also shift with the political wind.

Finally, these are not 'normal' times. Citywide, transit, and other service operating budgets are under extreme pressure due to the loss of tax and user revenue. State and Federal financial contributions are in flux.

Fortunately, by working with an organization like FirmoGraphs, you'll have the opportunity to mash-up information from dozens of different data sources and hone-in on the opportunities of greatest interest, before an RFP is issued.



Contact us for mutual discovery of BI needs and solutions. We help you run the race just a bit faster, and sometimes, that is all you need.