What You Do, and How We Support It

You redevelop brownfield and superfund sites.

We help you make better market decisions with data.



Market Challenges and Opportunities


The complex nature of Brownfield and Superfund Sites

Your business serves the redevelopment of brownfields, cleaning up the brownfields, or reinvesting to reuse brownfields sustainably; you provide long-term solutions to protect the environment, reduce blight, and take development pressures off greenspaces and working lands. Redeveloping these sites can bring significant economic and social benefits to communities but has challenges.

The size of the challenge is substantial on all levels:

  • The extent of 600+ contaminants and the potential risks associated with it. 
  • 40,000+ brownfield sites and 17,000+ brownfield owners.
  • 2,400+ superfund sites and 7,000+ operable units.
  • Navigating complex regulations.

As an innovative service provider, you can make a difference. But, this market is rapidly evolving, and knowing what actions to take and when is challenging.

We empower you with business intelligence to navigate the complex brownfield redevelopment landscape and make informed decisions that benefit you and your clients.

The Business Intelligence You Need

US Brownfields Market: What information matters

You need brownfield market insight for the right sales conversations and marketing investments. We provide dashboards containing current data configured to your business, so you have fast accurate answers. This includes:

Contamination: Critical information on the extent of environmental contamination and the potential risks associated with redeveloping brownfield and superfund sites. 

Partnerships: Knowing that influencers matters, including the owner/operators, responsible parties, their engineering and consulting firms, and other solution providers.

Compliance Details: To effectively approach the market, details on operable units of brownfields, site cleanup activities and milestones, redevelopment and economic activities, performance measures, and other information are beneficial. Data is reported in standard units of measure to allow for easy reporting.

 Source Documents: We provide direct access to hard-to-source documents, in a readable format.

Why Our Approach Works

Say goodbye to data overload and hello to actionable insights! Our data curation service scours 100s of sources to provide you with the most up-to-date and relevant information for your business.

Don't settle for static reports that don't give you the complete picture. Our platform makes it easy to access live, navigable data so you can quickly identify new sales opportunities and maximize the potential of your existing customer accounts.

Problems You Avoid

Our customers want to avoid the pain of being surprised.

Brownfield and Superfund site redevelopment doesn't happen overnight. There are months or years of capital planning involved. However, if you plan, you can anticipate and engage future opportunities, long ahead of receiving that dreaded cold RFP.

Our customers don't hate RFPs, they hate cold RFPs. The ones that they could have influenced, where the owner/operator did not take the best strategic approach to the market.

The only way to avoid the pain of a surprise RFP, or even worse, being left out of consideration is to have good business intelligence on the market.

Market Dynamics

This market presents unique opportunities. As with most things worthwhile, mastering it is not easy. A successful approach to the brownfield market requires an intelligent, patient, and strategic approach.

First, it's important to understand that redeveloping a brownfield site can be complex, with various stakeholders involved. Developers, regulators, and community members may all have different priorities and concerns, and navigating these competing interests can be challenging.

Next, it's important to note that there are often significant costs associated with brownfield redevelopment. These can include the cost of site remediation, as well as the cost of complying with regulatory requirements and obtaining necessary permits.

However, despite these challenges, there are also significant opportunities presented by brownfield redevelopment. By redeveloping contaminated sites, businesses and communities can revitalize underutilized areas, create new jobs, and promote sustainable growth. In addition, redeveloping Brownfield sites can help to mitigate the environmental impacts of industrial activities and promote a cleaner, healthier environment for residents.

At Firmographs™, we understand the importance of brownfield redevelopment and the unique challenges and opportunities presented by these sites. Our Brownfield data mart provides insights into the key players, trends, and challenges associated with brownfield redevelopment, helping businesses and communities to make informed decisions and achieve their goals.



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