Renewable Power Mart™

There is a sea change in the U.S. power market, with unprecidented investments being made in solar, wind, storage, and transmission lines.  This activity is being driven by federal, state, and local committments towards renewable generation targets.  On the whole, there is a 'wild west' feeling akin to the late 1800s gold rush in California, with a wide variety of market participants staking their claims to land, regulatory approvals, generating equipment, and construction resources. 

The Renewable Power Mart™ by FirmoGraphs contains valuable information about renewable power projects throughout the U.S., including existing utilities and power generation units and proposed projects at all stages of regulatory approval queues.  Each year 1000s of projects are discussed and evaluated as they make their way from conceptual design to online power generation.   We help our customers engage with these projects at ideal points in time, where that ideal timing varies with the services provided.  

Project developers, financiers, engineers, construction firms, field service providers, and equipment vendors are all involved bringing renewable power projects to market.  Many additional stakeholders with sometimes conflicting agendas are in the mix, including public utility commissions, regional independent system operators / authorities, environmental agencies, NGOs, and local special interests.  We are gradually building a map of this spiderweb of commercial and regulatory activity to help clients navigate towards sales opportunities.