What You Do, and How We Support It

You work with clients to plan, design, develop, and build microgrid projects, which are becoming iincreasingly important for critical U.S. facilities to have resilient and sustainable power supplies.

We help you use data to know when projects are coming and to optimize your customer relationships, allowing you to become involved as early as possible in the project realization process.


Market Challenges and Opportunities

Microgrid owners and beneficiaries are taking advantage of the decentralization of power generation, the addition of renewable resources, and the sharing of infrastructure amoung critical operations.

Microgrid users are seeking:

  • To help decarbonize their power generation by replacing fossil fuel generation with renewables
  • To enjoy an uninterrupted power supply for critical operations by having some independence from the utility grid
  • To reduce costs through the efficient management of energy supply

Finding these opportunities can be challenging. Microgrid opportunities:

  • Are impacted by regulatory developments
  • Often involve distributed generation
  • Can involve multiple public and private parties in a regional area

The Business Intelligence You Need

U.S. Microgrids: What Information Matters

Market Size: Business Intelligence data set to support microgrid market sizing

Project Setting: Business Intelligence data set to support microgrid market sizing

Regulation: Track microgrid-related regulatory developments at the state government and public utility commission level

Market Behavior: Overlay anticipated power demand changes

Partnerships: Knowing the influencers matters, including city leaders and their strategic partners for service delivery. Our data can help prime contractors find the best subs, and visa-versa.

Why Our Approach Works

We curate data, from 100s of sources, so that your team doesn't need to.

Data includes:

  • U.S sites implementing microgrid projects
  • 10,000+ of generation plants and capacity
  • U.S Housing Demographics
  • City and Regional transit sites and facility inventories
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Microgrid Drivers and News

Problems You Avoid

Our customers want to avoid the pain of being surprised.

Opportunities around the microgrid industry don't happen overnight. There are months or years of capital planning involved. If you plan ahead, you can anticipate and engage future opportunities, long ahead of receiving that dreaded cold RFP.

Our customers don't hate RFPs, they hate cold RFPs. The ones that they could have influenced, where the owner/operator did not take the best strategic approach to the market.

The only way to avoid the pain of a surprise RFP, or even worse, being left out of consideration is to have good business intelligence on the market.



Contact us for a mutual discovery of BI needs and solutions. We help you run the race just a bit faster, and sometimes, that is all you need.