Climate Mart™

Each year, approximately 3 billion metric tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions are reported to the EPA. The Climate Mart contains valuable information about US Greenhouse gas emissions under the US EPA mandatory reporting program. This includes emissions from more than 3000 organizations, 8000 sites, and 200 industries. Industry-specific emissions data are included as well as the national totals to enable delving into the details of Subpart-specific emissions reporting, and analysis by industry, organization, site, unit type, and fuel.

The Climate Mart™ contains data related to reported GHG emissions from US companies that are subject to the EPA mandatory reporting rule.  

Applications include:

1. Multi-year benchmarking and trends by industry, region, and organization.  How do organizations compare within their peer groups, from the perspective of CO2e emissions?  This question pairs nicely with the FirmoGraphs Finance Mart.  

2. Reviewing industrial processes contributing to CO2e emissions.  How can you help your clients improve their climate emissions strategy, down to the equipment level?  Partners such as Huco Consulting use the Climate Mart to help customers implement their climate action plans.  

3. Looking at industry-wide trends, for example oil and gas upstream and midstream emissions within the U.S. EPA's Methane Challenge program.  See our presentation involving industry leaders such as Kinder Morgan at, where we spoke about strengthening clmiate change reporting assurance with the Qlik Sense business intelligence solution.  

Our climate data and visualizations empower you as an effective provider of GHG-related services. Responsive visualizations are made possible by careful data preparation and normalization. This way, you can see the story in the data, and help your customers in newfound ways.