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Finance Mart™

US Financial Markets, regulated by the SEC, report millions of data values across 1000s of financial performance indicators each year.  There are 1,000,000s of data points available on 1,000s of reported attributes.  The Finance Mart™ contains valuable normalized performance indicators for US publicly-traded organizations, updated quarterly for annual results.

Customers use the Finance Mart, by itself and in combination with our other data marts, to do market research and segmentation.  Useful applications include:

1. Benchmarking financial and non-financial ESG indicators within peer groups.  For example, how do oil and gas industry customers stack-up, when CO2e emissions are compared based on BOE produced or dollar of upstream revenue?  

2. Finding sales and marketing white space within an industrial sector.  For example, which renewable energy organizations are adjacent to our existing customers?  

3. Identifying wholly-owned subsidiary companies and joint venture partners of your existing customers.  For example, who else does this customer own that we could work for?  

The Finance Mart currently covers 10-K, 10-KT, 10-K/A filings, for mid to large-sized SEC Financial information of around 6000 US Based companies. 10-Q and other filings may be available for special projects. FirmoGraphs provides a Link file that normalizes SEC organization names to our Core organization names. This way, if you want to relate financial to other performance information, we have the required linkages between these data sets for easy analysis.