Ash Mart™

The US Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) market, driven by a combination of EPA Regulation and risk management, is estimated to be valued at more than $20B of value at-risk. The Ash Mart™ contains nearly 200 attributes for more than 300 locations, and 700 surface impoundment and landfill units, involving nearly 100 owner/operators.

As a provider of services to coal power plant owner/operators, you need to know the status of each power plant and CCR unit. We carefully curate data, documents, and visualizations to help you be more effective in your marketing of products and services. 

Estimates of CCR material totalling approximately 2B cubic yards, and final cover of 10,000s of acres, are made.  Compliance status is provided with respect to location restrictions, groundwater protection standards, and recurring requirements.  

Naturally, you'll want to find your own valuable insights from this market data, and we'll help you.