ASH Mart™

The Ash Mart™ contains nearly 200 attributes for more than 300 locations, and 700 surface impoundment and landfill units, involving nearly 100 owner/operators.

The data, documents, and visualizations may be used to help you be more effective in your marketing of products and services to the US Coal industry. 

As a major owner/operator of coal power plants, you are in under the watchful gaze of regulators, NGOs, and investors interested in how you are managing your coal ash operations. The Ash Mart provides a unique benchmarking solution against your industry peers. You can anticipate how others may view you, and avoid unwelcome surprises, using Business Intelligence.

FirmoGraphs updates the Ash Mart regularly reflecting new data and postings.

Naturally, you'll want to find your own valuable insights from this market data, and we'll help you.