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Brownfield Mart™

The Brownfield Mart™ contains valuable information about U.S. Brownfields and National Priorities List (NPL) Superfund sites, with insights related to their location, size, previous use, and current ownership status.

Through Brownfield Mart™, users can access information on 10,000s of brownfield sites and approximately 2000 NPL sites, allowing them to make informed decisions when considering investments or property development in affected areas. Insights include:

  1. Critical information on the extent of environmental contamination and the potential risks associated with redeveloping brownfield and superfund sites.
  2. The available financial incentives and regulatory programs that support the remediation and reuse of brownfield and superfund sites.
  3. A significant database, with 100,000s of data points provided, representing many data fields and tables available in the Business Intelligence Platform.

Brownfield Mart™ is an invaluable tool for environmental consultants, real estate developers, and financial institutions looking to invest in the revitalization of contaminated properties. With accurate and up-to-date information on brownfield and superfund sites, users can better understand the opportunities and challenges of redeveloping these properties and make more informed decisions on how to proceed. Additionally, our visualizations will make you better communicate and understand this data to clients.