AECOM is a global network of experts working with clients, communities, and colleagues to develop and implement innovative solutions to the world’s most complex challenges.  As such, we apply a thoughtful, customer-centric approach to engaging our current and prospective customers. We carefully prepare for customer meetings, so that both parties can get the most out of every encounter.  

We engaged FirmoGraphs to apply its Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to a recent US market opportunity, where we felt that we could further serve an existing customer's needs.  We received the outcome we were seeking from FirmoGraphs, in a time and cost-effective manner.



Beth Myers Graham AECOM

Beth Myers Graham

We purchased a Business Intelligence (BI) solution with services from FirmoGraphs to learn more about one of our target markets. BI data included organizations, sites, regulatory standards, and people associated with Greenhouse Gas (GHG) data for Oil & Gas (O&G) firms made public through the EPA.

Our objective is to use this data to help with validation and benchmarking for our clients and prospects. FirmoGraphs delivered a configured BI solution filtered on the data of interest that included live (vs. static) visualization.

We successfully used their work to manage a highly targeted engineering services marketing campaign focused on inviting our target customers to a webinar. Our targeted webinar has already led to follow-up customer meetings and benefits to existing customers.

The whole project, from concept to execution, took 8 weeks. FirmoGraphs continues to improve and maintain the subscription. Thanks to FirmoGraphs for contributing energy, ideas, and a complete BI tool for our marketing efforts!


Ron Huijsman Huco Consulting

Ron Huijsman
eSSETS believes that there is a better way to manage facilities and assets, and our Software as a Service solution helps customers make smart decisions with less labor and time.  Working with FirmoGraphs was a smart choice for us. FirmoGraphs sourced target market and contact data for eSSETS to enable marketing campaigns. We are very pleased with the quality and timeliness of the business intelligence provided by FirmoGraphs.

Paul Roberts eSSETS

Paul Roberts

One of our long-term challenges has been to quickly answer business questions. Often we’d have to cull information from multiple reports, sources and exercise our Ninja pivot table skills to get at the data.

We were fortunate to have engaged with FirmoGraphs team. They understand the challenges we were facing and have been working with us to develop a BI solution to easily visualize and answer our business questions quickly leading to productivity gains and having actionable intelligence.

The BI solution we've implemented is a compilation of our own data, off-the-shelf BI software from Qlik, and Data Mart subscriptions from FirmoGraphs. It combines multiple sales and product marketing use cases and is deployed to these teams.

Doug Wong Wind River

Doug Wong

AECOM is an industry leader in providing environmental services to the electric power industry. Our team at AECOM partnered with FirmoGraphs to develop a deep market analysis of the US coal combustion residuals (CCR) market. This project involves more than 700 CCR units, located at more than 300 sites, owned and operated by 100 organizations.

The FirmoGraphs team assimilated a large volume of market-specific data, involving 100,000s of pages of information in 1000s of documents. They distilled this information into a ready-to-consume Business Intelligence (BI) application in Qlik Sense, that we are now applying to specific customer opportunities.

One great thing about this approach is that it is modular, allowing new market intelligence projects to be layered on to the last which creates a rich collections of views into the market. Each new project has the potential to generate valuable new insights across the whole data set. Kudos to the FirmoGraphs team for a well-executed project and being a partner that engages to create a better product!

Mark Rokoff

Vice President, Environment

Mark Rokoff AECOM

Mark Rokoff

Customers use H2O Metrics to manage water, sewer, stormwater, rainfall, and surface water data in one place with the most advanced water analytic tools available on the web.

The FirmoGraphs team collaborated with us on deep market analysis on different water and wastewater utilities around the country. They are incredibly motivated and efficient. Dave and his team did work resulting in actionable campaigns with high-quality contact information.

We worked together to finely-tune the campaigns using modern business intelligence tools and techniques. The campaigns we executed were based on mashed-up information from regulatory databases, Capital Improvement Plans, and other deeply-researched data sources.

I recommend FirmoGraphs for anyone seeking creative approaches to water and wastewater market development.


Robert Czachorski H2O Metrics