Execute Strategic Campaigns to Create Leads and Drive Revenue

You have tools. Marketing automation. CRM. Data list providers. Website analyzers. Email delivery checkers. Even a younger software company can accumulate a dozen or more tools and subscriptions.

What value can FirmoGraphs possibly add to that mix?  In a matter of days, we configure a custom Business Intelligence (BI) solution to help you drive current year campaigns and revenue.  

It isn’t about the technology, rather, it is the outcome that matters. We are experts at efficiently combining data sources in a way that yields new insight. For example, in a specific campaign, we may combine:

- Data from some subscriptions or lists you’ve purchased
- Existing CRM data
- One or more of FirmoGraphs’ Data Marts
- Custom-sourced target lists

The output is a ready-to-use BI App, loaded with relevant data. Generally, we can prepare a campaign 75% faster than it would take an internal team.

BI outputs can be fed back into your marketing automation tool for an efficient campaign launch, and your CRM as appended data.