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FirmoGraphs is a business intelligence and data science firm specializing in the North American Utility and Industrial markets.  We help our customer go-to-market more efficiently by applying Business Intelligence (BI) tools and techniques, with a focus on analysis related to the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) of people, planet, and profit. 

Our customers include some of the world's largest architecture, engineering, and consulting (AEC) firms, as well as growing, innovative technology and service providers.

Our team consists of engineers, database and programming professionals, data analysts, and researchers.  The projects we seek require a combination of multiple data sources to answer interesting and important questions.  The types of questions we answer generally involve water, wastewater, safety, health, power, climate, and financial information.  In other words, all aspects of sustainability and the TBL.  

As a result of our work, customers typically receive a working, dynamic BI solution that may include a mash-up of our own data subscriptions with their own proprietary sales, customer, and market data.  The completed BI is then used to do strategic planning, to run campaigns, and to have more meaningful conversations with their customers.

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