Empowering Meaningful Relationships

FirmoGraphs is a California-based engineering and marketing company. The small, nimble FirmoGraphs team consists of engineers, IT professionals, data analysts, and researchers.

We started this business to solve an urgent problem that we felt in 20+ years to B2B marketing and sales...we don’t know enough about our markets, prospects, and customers. There was too much reliance on stale, static spreadsheets. Too many disjointed islands of data. And above all, not enough meaningful conversation and relationships being developed. Our founder, Dave Cox, an engineer and marketing/sales executive, seeks to democratize the use of BI, to put it in the hands of daily users and help them build stronger relationships with their customers.

FirmoGraphs employs a practical "answers first" approach to business intelligence, combining world-class BI technology with a strong background in industrial markets.  We help customers deliver operational excellence solutions to industrial markets. Data drives meaningful relationships, and FirmoGraphs provides that data to its customers.

Our BI solutions complement your natural sales and marketing motions.  

  • Where you serve industrial organizations, we serve you.

  • Where you are subject matter experts (SMEs) in your product and vertical markets, we are firmographic SMEs.  

  • Where you need data to have insights about your markets and target accounts, we curate pools of data.

  • Where you need to make intelligent decisions quickly, we help you do that with ready-to-use Business Intelligence.

We differentiate from the competition in several keys ways:  

  • Where competitors may try to be all things to all customers, we focus on industry and utilities.  

  • There they give you .pdf and .xls files, we pre-load an industry-leading BI solution, Qlik Sense®, with relevant data.  

  • Where they have a gap between Corporate and People data, we provide this information in the context of industrial sites.  

  • Where they provide raw inputs and expect you to find insights, we prime the pump with expertly-designed visualizations.