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Focus Your Resources


There are several ways to slice and dice data for market planning and account targeting efforts. Finding the right perspective to analyze data will make for more efficient and effective research outcomes: 

  • Size. Other than the population served, how would you measure size? Staff? Customer mix, between residential, multi-family, commercial, and agricultural? For your chosen parameter, which utilities are your best prospects?

  • Operations. The way you measure operational fit for your offerings will depend on what makes a well-qualified prospect. Do they purchase and distribute water, or run their own treatment plants? Is it a combined water and wastewater utility? What is the source of their water? How many treatment plants do they operate?

  • Geography. Are you strongest in a certain geography, due to resource locations, competition, or other factors? 


Also, depending on your own focus, these areas may also be important:


  • Financial Strength. What sort of debt ratios does the utility have? What is the history of rate increases to make additional operating funds available? This and other information may be available in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).

  • Capital Plans. What are the utility’s Capital Improvement Plans (CIP), and how might these plans affect the demand for your own goods and services?

  • Relationships. What is the status of your relationship with each utility, and that of your competition? How has your revenue trended over the years? What is your win rate on bids? Given the turnover of utility staff, often related to retirement of senior contacts, how secure is your overall footing in the account?

  • Special circumstances. Is the utility facing active regulatory or customer issues that make them more or less suitable as a customer?

This analysis will help you build an idea of your ideal customer’s profile. A combination of your answers to the questions posed and other information will help you define the best segments of your target utility market. Then, you can marshal your resources to focus on the most important relationships -- your best current and future customers.

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