Be a Trusted Adviser

You grow business in your named customer accounts. The more relevant insights you have about these accounts, the better equipped you will be to help sell-through additional products and services.

You know how to do account research, but your time would be better spent in front of the customer. Building rapport. Discovering needs. Managing sales cycles.

FirmoGraphs can help. We seek to understand your customer insight needs and configure customized Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. 
With a few mouse clicks, our AE customers quickly identify key insights, such as:

- Corporate profiles
- Site locations
- Regulatory Pressures
- Enterprise technologies used
- Site contacts
- Custom data elements such as JV partners, purchasing rules, and public agency budgets

Whether you are managing 1, 5 or 20 accounts, every one of them matters. We shorten your path to becoming a trusted advisor and growing your key accounts.