Pursue Capital, Manage Expectations, and Execute Efficiently

Whether you are leading a small or medium-sized business (SMB), or you are running a business line within a larger company, market size determination and go-to-market planning can be a challenge. Your board and investors want to know that you have a good handle on market size. The more-supported your market size calculations are by reliable data, the better. Enter Business Intelligence (BI).

BI helps you tell your story, supported by data, to your investors. This is true when seeking funding, creating strategic plans, and managing expectations under changing market conditions. Unfortunately, most businesses, even those with data-intensive technological offerings, do not employ a world-class BI approach, like FirmoGraphs. Plans are often supported by a pieced-together collection of spreadsheets and slides that become outdated as soon as they are created. The presentation is static and does not support the exploration of questions possible with BI.

The good news is that if you are not yet using BI to derive market insights, it is easy to get started. FirmoGraphs delivers customized BI that will satisfy your planning needs and satisfy board and investor curiosity.

Once you’ve made your plans, and received your funding, FirmoGraph’s BI solution enables strong execution assisted by actionable insights. The same firmographic and market data from strategic planning is ready-to-use in execution. Bottom-up TAM, SAM, and SOM calculations, derived from operating data, can be used by the CMO to drive further segmented campaigns. These campaigns resulted in MQLs generating a sales pipeline. The CSO can use the same BI for operational purposes, such as planning of sales territories, quotas, and compensation plans.