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City Mart™

The Top 25 U.S. Cities have combined annual operating budgets exceeding 300 Billion USD, equivalent to the GDP of many countries and exceeding the revenue of most of the world’s largest private companies.

Organizations mastering the art of serving large municipalities are rewarded with high-profile, multi-year capital and operating contracts.

It is difficult, however, for even the most-sophisticated organizations to decipher municipal capital plans and operating budgets. Often, these documents are not easy reads. The largest of them are more than 2000 pages, and are loaded with codes and abbreviations describing 100s of multi-year projects. Why bother?
You don’t want to wait for the RFP to find you.

Although most city procurement processes have high integrity, if you are hearing about a project when the RFP hits your desk, it is probably a losing proposition. Your competition planned for it and may have even helped write the specifications. To win more, you need to be better-informed.

This is where FirmoGraphs comes in. We invest 1000s of hours, using modern data curation techniques, to create a uniform, searchable data set of municipal planning data. This is our City Mart.