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Do you ever find yourself frustrated with the US Water Market? We speak to many providers of consulting, engineering, and...

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Do you wish you had access to better intelligence on your customer's climate change emissions reporting? It isn't necessarily...

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Tags: Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Business Intelligence

Mergers, Acquisitions and Your Business

Depending on your level of preparedness, M&A-related activity can lead to a peak or...

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Tags: M&A, acquisitions, mergers,

US industry continues to have a substantial reporting burden.  As a company serving US industry, the details matter!  Whether...

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Tags: Business Intelligence, Enviance, greenhouse gas emission,

Whether you provide software, services, data subscriptions, or a combined solution of these to your customers, it helps to...

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Every year senior management faces important decisions about how to deploy resources to  grow revenue.  This is critical...

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