FirmoGraphs North American Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Report, October 2019

By FirmoGraphs Staff

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Here’s our much awaited M&A report for the month of October. Please don't forget to share your feedback about this blog, in the form of your comments.

In October, FirmoGraphs recorded similar activity as in September, with 93 completed transactions related to the North American market in 14 different industries. 

Engineered products, with 20 completed transactions, was the most active industry in October, followed by Industrial Services and Utilities, having 18 deals each.

As always, our focus is on those operationally-intensive industries that are of interest to our clients (utilities, manufacturing) rather than less asset-intensive markets (retail, banking).  

Merger Mart October 2019-1


With 18 completed transactions, the utilities industry was the second most active industry last month. There were two significant transactions worth over a billion dollars. Ontario Power Generation acquired Cube Hydro Partners and Helix Partners in a deal worth more than $1.0 billion, while SJW Group and Connecticut Water Service completed their $1.1 billion worth merger. Pennsylvania American Water expanded its network with two acquisitions, while Greenbacker Renewable Energy Company acquired more than 30 MW of solar projects.

Oil Industry

The month of October shows five completed transactions in the oil industry. There wasn’t any significant transaction, but Shell and Marathon Petroleum continued with high activity on the market. This time they were both sellers.

Engineered Products

Once again, the engineered products industry was the most active with 20 completed transactions. By far, the largest one was Parker Hannifin’s acquisition of LORD Corporation for $3.675 billion.


In terms of the number of transactions, healthcare was not as active as in previous months. With 14 completed transactions, healthcare wasn’t even in the top three most active industries covered by FirmoGraphs. However, that doesn’t mean there was no excitement. Two of the three biggest transactions of October occurred in the healthcare industry. 3M acquired Acelity in a transaction worth $6.7 billion. Also, Dassault Systèmes acquired Medidata Solutions in a $5.8 billion worth deal.

Other industries

Among other transactions, three stand out. Merck KGaA completed the acquisition of Versum Materials for around $6.5 billion. In the industrial services area, J2 Acquisition Limited acquired APi Group for $2.9 billion, while C&J Energy Services and Keane Group merged into NexTier Oilfield Solutions in a transaction worth $1.8 billion.

Largest Transactions


Announced Future Deals

In addition to completed transactions, FirmoGraphs recorded over 40 announced future deals. Some of those are expected to be very significant after they’re completed and are listed below: 

  1. Prologis’s acquisition of warehouses owner Liberty Property Trust for $12.6 billion;  
  2. Hess Midstream Partners $7.25 billion worth acquisition of Hess Infrastructure Partners; 
  3. $3.8 billion worth purchase of Anixter International by Clayton, Dubilier & Rice. 

Prologis continues the trend of acquiring warehouses and other logistics assets as a result of the expansion of e-commerce business all over the world.

Merger Jokes

M&A Cartoon

Laughter is the best medicine and we love to see our readers smile. So here are a couple of M & A jokes that will make you laugh.

1) The greatest merger of all time

It was announced today that YouTube, Facebook and Twitter will all be merging.

The new name will be YouTwitFace Laughing Emoji

2) Did you hear that Bridgestone, FedEx, and UPS are pushing for a merger?

They wanted to be re-branded as Tired and FedUp Laughing Emoji


Conclusion August-min

FirmoGraphs watches North American industrial news and curates a normalized version of monthly merger and acquisition information. This way, you can leverage the Merger Mart along with others (such as Power, Water) to generate your own unique observations for the US industrial market.  

Our favored BI solution, Qlik Sense™ Enterprise, makes mashing-up multiple data sets fun and easy. Our customers find new opportunities to grow revenue, and reduce risk, by combining the Merger Mart with their own proprietary CRM and market data.

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