FirmoGraphs North American Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Report, November 2018

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For those of you interested in North American M&A trends, November was another exciting month. We tracked 139 newsworthy transactions being completed in 14 different industries.

Completed November Transactions

Unlike October, where the oil industry was the most active, this month Firmographs recorded the strongest activity in healthcare where 38 transactions were completed. The reason behind such occurrences was a market boom in medical cannabis in Canada. Since this particular business is not in our focus, we will exclude cannabis related transactions from our mart in the following months.

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Healthcare was the industry with the highest valued transaction as well. This was the CVS Health acquisition of Aetna was valued at $78 billion.

The second largest occurred in the aerospace industry, where ORIX Corporation, through its wholly-owned subsidiary ORIX Aviation Systems, acquired 30% of Avalon for $2.2 billion. These two mentioned transactions were the only ones with the value of more than $1.0 billion.

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Future M&A Announcements

Firmographs recorded 16 completed transactions in the oil industry in November. None of these transaction stands out in its value.

Besides completed transactions, Firmographs recorded almost 90 announcements of future mergers and acquisitions. The biggest announced transaction came from the oil industry.  Anadarko Petroleum Corporation announced the intent to sell $4.0 billion of its remaining midstream assets to Western Gas Partners. Based on this and other announcements, we can expect a very active first quarter of 2019.



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